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Back Pain Treatment in Thane

What is back pain?

Back pain is a common complaint. Four out of five people in India will experience lower back pain. People lose work, become less productive, and also have many social and psychological problems due to chronic back pain.

The most common causes for your back pain may be facet joint pain or herniated intervertebral disc (slipped disc). When back pain does not subside within 3 months, it becomes chronic back pain. It may be mild nagging pain or severe pain.

The good news is that most back pains are preventable and treatable. Don’t suffer in silence, visit our pain specialists in Thane today.

What are causes of lower back pain?

  • Bulging Or herniated (slipped disc)
  • Sciatica – Herniated disc pressing over the nerve going to your leg causing sharp shooting pain in the back & leg.
  • Arthritis – It can lead to narrowing of the space around the spinal cord called spinal canal stenosis. This can cause back & leg pain.
  • Structural irregularity – Your spine may have abnormal curvature either side to side or excessive curve in front/ back.
  • Osteoporosis can cause vertebra fracture & can cause back pain. common in old age.
  • Rare causes include Cancer, infection, cauda equina syndrome.

What are treatment modalities available for back pain at Palash?

At Palash, we provide 100% non-surgical back pain treatment in Thane. Our procedure is as follows:

  • Initially a trial of medicines is given according to severity of pain and general health.
  • Physical rehabilitation of your spine will be done by our Pain specialist through physical therapy and exercise along with medication.
  • You will be explained in detail regarding posture / ergonomic corrections in your daily life for preventing further aggravation of your condition.

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